Visits to Settings

Steve will entertain the whole school or setting with an interactive performance with songs, rhymes, stories and instrumental delights on mandolin, guitar and a fascinating collection of musical toys. Then he will take class sized groups for action songs, hands on rhythm work with rhythm sticks and more instrumental magic.

After school he will give a training session for staff so the work continues after the day.

He leaves behind CDs and downloads which is a big help when it comes to remembering all the material.

“The children talked of nothing else all week. Its been inspirational throughout the curriculum”  Teacher

Visits to settings can include

• Whole school assembly sessions for Early Years and KS1 & 2
• Music making with small and class sized groups
• Work with parents
Training for staff
• All visits and training come with recordings so the singing continues long after the training day is over.

“How much can you pack into an hour? Catchy tunes and songs about trains, clocks and bogeymen; the chance for your young audience to dance, beat out rhythms and pulses, study the workings of the metronome and listen to the 18th century music of the blind Irish harper Turlough O’Carolan played enthrallingly on the mandolin. Add some quietly wise musings on magic, sound and serendipity and you have musician Steve Grocott on tour in Thetford this week”

John Weeks – Thetford Music Project