Training for practitioners in the Early Years and Key Stage One includes

  • Building a repertoire of winner songs backed up by recordings
  • Building confidence with simple ways to get the most out of the material
  • Developing lively rhythm work and using instruments that helps less experienced practitioners get the most out of songs thet already know
  • How to include musical elements when working with stories
  • Communicating ways of using music to help with: language development, phonics, maths, developing the imagination, and physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

All courses come with albums (CDs and Downloads) and the option of acquiring Rhythm Sticks

He has given courses for early years practitioners at The Institute for Education, The Childminders Association and The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education, who use his CDs in their own courses.

Appreciation for Steve’s courses 

“Very enthusiastic teacher. Nice to see someone who enjoys his job so much.” Early Years Practitioner

“Great to be so practical and to have recordings to actually remember the songs”  Nursery Teacher

“Exactly the kind of course that is worthwhile ! Practical, entertaining and good supporting materials.”  Primary Teacher

“I was feeling nervous when I came but now I am looking forward to having a music session with the children.”  Nursery Nurse

“The album is brilliant !” – Music Teacher